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Professional experience in the following areas:

electro-mechanical pet toys

pet furniture

health/wellness products

tool products

invention development 

and commercialization 


Thanks for checking out my work! 


I grew up in Baton Rouge. I went to LSU for 6 years, studying Psychology, Sociology, Political Science, and finally Photography. Not satisfied, I moved to San Francisco to study filmmaking at SFSU. Then one day by chance I met a sculptor who had just spent the summer working for Sunbeam, designing an outdoor cooking grill. Eureka! So I got a degree in Product Design and Development from SFSU. After SFSU, I moved to AAU to continue my education and to network.


I'm an inventor at heart. The function, operation, and construction of products is as important to me as the aesthetics, so I work to thoroughly understand the task and the user in order to create product experiences which enhance the user's lifestyle by assisting them in their goals and ambitions, whether they are human or animal!


I live in Oakland with my artist wife, 2 dogs, and 3 cats. I have a workshop which I use to design, develop and prototype product concepts and play with machines... 

Awards and Accomplishments:

Pet Product News 2015 Editors Choice Award for PetLinks “Roaming Runner”

Pet Business Industry "2015 Best in Breed" Award for Flitter Fly Cat Toy

2003 IDEA Award

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